Acoustics 101

Ok folks, I’m back after spending a weekend out of town with family but the important part is I’m back and ready to go. Not like THAT ready to go. Sheesh most of my readers are male anyways and that’s just gross. Interesting side note: I didn’t know so many people knew it was my birthday. Everywhere I drove, there were countless people dressed up in crazy costumes waving at me. Some even knocked on my door and asked for candy, which was weird. I thought I was supposed to get presents but who am I kidding, I didn’t care, I just enjoy the attention. ANYWHO
Since I’m in the process of building a studio right now, I figured I would be lazy and post what I learn and make it sound like I’m doing it for you share my knowledge with my incredible followers. (they fell for it… suckers.. oh hello there) Acoustics can be an extremely tricky and very misunderstood topic. I don’t know how many people, when they find out I’m building a studio immediately assume that when building a tracking room you plaster everything with egg crate to “soundproof” it. In some cases that’s exactly what you do but in most not. So if you’re as confused as most of my oblivious friends are, (if you’re reading this friends, not you, the other ones I talk so horribly about insert name here) then here’s a free book that very easily explains what goes into soundproofing or treating a room. So go take this knowledge and build that bedroom you keep talking so creepily about. I hope the cops don’t show up at my door asking about this little chat we had about construction tips because I’m too pretty for prison. Just look at these flowing blond locks.
Link to book found HERE. By the way my rep at Sweetwater showed me this book so go buy some things from them to show them you appreciate it. The book was actually free so that shows what kind of company they a….
what have I told you about interrupting me… yesterday was halloween? And those people weren’t celebrating my birthday? Nobody cares about me? well then whyyyy???? ok you’re right.