C Demands Answers: Double Feature

I’m sure you’ve been asking a few questions of your own lately and this picture probably poses more questions, but now you see where C gets her rockin good looks… So today C and her Mom are going to grill me with an onslaught of questions. We all know how the ladies get when they team up so I can’t promise all of these questions are going to be recording related but I will try to keep them on track and you WILL learn something albeit, what you learn might be about something totally different than what you expect.
Now the reason I’m getting ganged up on graced with both of their presence(s) is not relavent but probably has something to do with me getting the SILENT TREATMENT last week and both of these lovely ladies have come to set me straight / interview me to see if I’m good enough for C,  but C continues with her segment because she claims she does it for all of you. (yeah ok… we all know its to stay close to your truly.) I’ll let them have the floor now.

Ok everyone, I want you all on your best behavior because today I’m bringing my mom in to help me so lets get a few things out of the way. NO she is not single, No… she is not single.. and oh yea… NO SHE IS NOT SINGLE. Now that we have that out of the way, its time for questions. Ed note: to make this easier C will be “C”, mom will be “M” and I’ll be dashing and debonair as usual. Watch how I RUN this segment.

M: Wait a minute… wait a minute… that voice sounds familiar. You’re that young man who calls the house at all hours of the night aren’t you?
C: Mom, we talked about this. Stay calm, put your ear rings back on.

*backs away You must be confused with some other pasty blond headed kid who your daughter  really really likes ALOT.

C: Mom had a few questions she wanted to ask and she promises they’re about recording.
M: How much do you make a year? C: MOM!!!

Oh I see, this pertains to recording right? No? Well I’m going to treat it that way. Actually, Berklee College just published a list of earnings in different fields including the recording industry to give newcomers a sense of what to expect money wise. Some of these are a very broad estimation but it gives you worst and best case scenarios to gauge what to expect. The full list can be found HERE but here are the ones that really pertain to recording.

  • Record Producer:        $25,000 – $1,000,000+ Oversees the whole recording process.
  • Engineer:                      $25,000 – $150,000+     Operates the soundboard & other equipment during the recording process.
  • Assist Engineer:          $18,000 – $25,000+       Assists head engineer with setup, recording tracks, and mixing.
  • Acoustic Consultant: $25,000 – $120,000+    Provides complete audio, video and acoustic design services for performance and recording spaces.

So there’s actually money to be made if you’re in the right categories and given your level of commitment and drive you can make even more than this ch….

M: Which category do YOU fall under?

Well, if we’re going to split hairs here, I run a small studio, so I’m the first 3 but my primary source of income is in a different field so I have multiple sources of income. *looks over at C, gives a thumbs up and whispers “I GOT THIS.”

C: *Rolls eyes Ok next question. Say you had a girl that helps out with your site for no money, what would you get her for Christmas?

Wow what a coincidence! You help me with my site for no mon…. ohhhhhh wellll…. how bout a boyfriend?

C: Deal!


M: Wait wait wait… He’s kinda cute.

Awww shucks!!!

C: ANYWAYS… If I had my own studio and could play most of the instruments, how could I record them to make a song. Meaning I can’t play them all at once so how do I get them into one song?

Well with the advent of modern recording, it has made it possible to be more than one part in a song because you can track (record) multiple parts one at a time. You simply start with your instrument of choice, record it, and when you’re happy with that, you can play that track and record another one. Easy as that.

M: Cute AND Smart C! Why aren’t you all over this. C: ShhhhhH!!!!!
M: Ok, I’ve always wondered this. Is Bret Michael’s hair attached to his bandana

I guess being in the recording industry, you should know this but I would speculate that his hair is a weave and you are correct thinking its attached to the bandana.
Maybe we could sell those!! Until next time

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From the age of eight, using my cheap Yamaha PSR-500 keyboard's 4 track limited recorder, I became fascinated with tracking audio. This quickly was sent into overdrive when my dad bought an Alesis ADAT. The rest was history. Many years later and too much money spent, I decided to use this fascination to help others. Thus, Everything Recording was born.