Focusrite Midnight Plug-in Suite

I really wish Focusrite would build a channel strip to combine with the ISA One preamp, but this is a step in the right direction. This reminds me that I need to do a review on my ISA One I have. It was the first outboard pre-amp I ever bought so I have an affinity for it sort of like my spiderman underoos I still fit in I mean… C’s Markle Sparklefrost Moose she sleeps with at night like your plastic sheet you still sleep on at night.. I know you still do your mom told me… YOU’RE 29 years old now for craps sake!!! I’m sure Focusrite would agree too. Lets see what they have to say about this plug-in because now I’m sort of skeeved out by your “Problem”

Focusrite’s new Midnight plug-in suite takes two of the most iconic Focusrite modules of all time – the ISA110 equaliser and ISA130 compressor; models their sound exactly with powerful DSP technology; and gives them elegant, functional on-screen front panels that make them simplicity itself to use. Now you can add that authentic, classic Focusrite sound to your own tracks at a price you can afford. Your productions have never sounded so good.
The ISA110 and 130 modules, created for the legendary Forté console in the 1980s, represent the epitome of Focusrite analogue audio processing, and performed a vital role in the making of literally thousands of hit records – they still change hands for thousands today. Their new digital incarnation in the Midnight suite for AU, VST and RTAS gives them stunning new hi-def on-screen front panels so realistic you’ll believe you can grab a knob with your fingers. In fact, of course, you can tweak them with a click and a drag of the mouse, or graphically edit the response curves. But whichever way you want to go, behind each exquisite graphic front-panel lies powerful DSP code that exactly models the original analogue processors that inspired the Midnight suite, with all the warmth, clarity, control and incredible sound of those original analogue designs.
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For that other problem take your pick broseph