Friday Gear Feast: UVITouch ElectroBeats

Internet went down today but not before I could snag a demo of EVITouch’s ElectroBeats. David Guetta (which I mistakenly thought was THUS GUY ) collaborated with the makers of this program to create a surprisingly useful piece of software for the iPad. Truth be told, I bought an iPad thinking it would never be more than a toy to play movies and sweet games, but companies like Neyrinck and UVITouch are giving this toy some street cred with musicians and recording engineers alike. Not only is this program pretty powerful for making music, its extremely fun. I seriously didn’t put it down for an hour. You don’t even have to be musically inclined to enjoy it. Its extremely easy to use and doesn’t just have those crap sounds you usually get on a mobile app. You can actually make some professional sounding tracks with it and on top of that you can export multitrack formats into most studio software like Logic, Pro Tools, and Ableton just to name a few. Its only $10 and works on iPhone and iTouch as well but you better have some tiny drumsticks or fingers to operate it. Come to think of it, just forget the drumstick comment. I don’t want your parents sending me hate mail blaming me for ruining your phone. But then again, you females don’t need any help on ruining phones. I swear, yall go through phones like my friend Joey goes through toilet paper. Seriously dude, what are you doing in the… ohhhh you’ve made yourself into a mummy CUTE!!!
This program really is great. Just look at some of the features this thing offers.

• Realtime workflow experience with sixteen pads and five different modes: Pad, Pitch, Velocity, Erase, Mute/Solo.
• Exclusive and electro oriented sound library, with hundreds of samples including Bass Drum, Snare, Clap, Rimshot, Cymbal, Hi-Hat, Open Hi-Hats, Acoustic Percussion, Electronic Percussion, FX, Bass, Chords, Leads, Instruments, Vox…
• Two sound generators: sample playback and synthesis oscillator.
• Dozens of ready to use drum and construction kits.
• Hundreds of patterns to use with the drum kits.
• Note Repeat in multiple resolutions.
• Dynamically change the quantize/repeat resolution while recording: the key to build beats very fast.
• Default quantization for instant gratification.
• Save and share your tracks using iTunes.
• Bounce song in Wav format.
• Multitrack export for use in sequencers like Logic™, Live™, ProTools™, Cubase™ and many more.
• Tap Tempo.
• Realtime previews (pattern, kits and sounds).
• Convenient undo with snapshots support.
• Embedded help in English, French, Spanish and Japanese.

As always I’ve done the dirty work for you. Just click here and then go buy it at the App Store. Search ElectroBeats.
Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to lay a fat track down.