Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife. Waves Offers HUGE Discount

WHELLLLL OBVIOUSLY, we got a rapist in Linc….. sorry I got a little carried away but Waves is offering 40% off of ALL of their plugins. Its equally as surprising as someone crawlin in yo beid at night. So now virtually anyone can afford a piece of some of the best plugins made. Personally if you’re just starting out I would but the Native Power Pack. Its a great place to start because it offers just about everything you would need to mix and master a full CD. Then if you’re in a rush to throw a mix down or you’re not necessarily interested in learning the technical details of mixing you could get the CLA Package. I’ve tried the CLA plugins and I must say, they’re really really powerful. You could mix a fart with those things and make it sound like a Beck song. (well that’s an easy feat but still!)
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