IK Multimedia Release iKlip

Own an iPad? Well if you do go buy an iRig right now and thank me later. I just got mine and I’ll tell you all about it in another post but in summary, It’s worth every penny. I was starting to wonder how I was going to use my iPad in live situations where its easy to access. Well IK Multimedia has fixed that problem. iKlip!!

With the new iKlip iPad mounting accessory, musicians and presenters will be able to take their iPad with them on stage, in the studio or at school, making it easy to support and operate their favorite music and presentation apps on virtually any microphone stand.
The iKlip multi-angle, adjustable design allows for optimal viewing and access to all the iPad’s controls, buttons and connection ports, and allows positioning of an iPad in both in landscape and portrait orientation. Its dense thermoplastic lightweight material ensures durability and secure holding of the iPad with most stand types. Its elegant “Made in Italy” compact and easy to assemble design guarantees a perfect sleek match with the iPad.
Now with iKlip, guitar and bass players, vocalists, keyboardists, DJs and any other musicians can use their favorite iPad apps during live performance, learning or training sessions, presentations or a multitude of other music applications.
iKlip features:
·      Sturdy, durable thermoplastic construction with six secure touch points holds the iPad without scratching or marring it
·      Universal stand clip securely attaches to virtually any microphone stand
·      Multi-angle adjustment allows precise positioning for optimal stage or studio viewing
·      Quick-snap clips provide fast, secure iPad insertion
·      Fast installation — iKlip installs on mic stand in seconds with the twist of a knob
·      All controls, buttons and connectors are accessible when the iPad is clipped into iKlip
·      Multi-mount design provides both landscape and portrait orientation of the iPad
·      Can be mounted on the vertical part of a mic stand, or on a horizontal boom for limitless positioning
·      Designed and manufactured in Italy
iKlip can be used for:
·      Score viewing during musical performance and playback
·      Learning tool – with tablature and score apps to learn songs and riffs
·      Live playing and practicing with amp and effects app like AmpliTube for iPad
·      Music creation with apps like GrooveMaker
·      DJ’ing –mounts to tabletop stands as well as standard mic poles
·      Karaoke or  “play along” singing
·      Viewing lyrics, notes, speeches, lessons, presentations and more

Pricing and availability
The iKlip will be shipping in December for only $39.99/€29.99 (exc. Taxes) from select IK Multimedia music and electronic retailers worldwide. Pre-orders are now available from the IK Multimedia online store at: www.ikmultimedia.net
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