Jeremy Bell: ScrubBoard

Are you prepared to have your mind blown? Mad Scientist Jeremy Bell contacted me to show me some DIY gear he had made. I randomly get contacted from time to time and usually the products are… well… interesting so I lazily clicked the link to the Youtube video while I was working on something else. Immediately I stopped what I was doing and within 30 seconds of watching more, my jaw was on the floor. The video is below:

So now you’re probably already googling how to buy one. It’s ingenious – it makes scratching samples super easy. Here’s how it works.

It’s essentially a deconstructed tape deck where the play head acts as a remote whereby the user can scrub the tape head across a flattened strip of tape to scratch. Complete control of rhythm and speed of the sample is in one hand instead of having to use two like in traditional scratching.

Unfortunately this post isn’t a press release for a buyable version… yet, but with enough attention, maybe we can get this idea off the ground and into studios.

And now, he’s got another companion piece to go along with the ScrubBoard. Here is a video of the ScrubBoard and the Rocker being used together.

Seriously crazy stuff.

If you’re interested in tracking the progress of this innovative gear, visit