New iLok 2.0 Now Available

For the new guys and gals out there, this is an iLok. Its an integral part of the recording industry seeing as it holds all of our licenses to our software in one USB Key. I’ve had my iLok now for a long while and was wondering when iLok was going to get a face lift. Not that there’s anything really wrong with the old design, but with technology becoming more compact, I figured iLok would update as well. Plus I really do worry that I could break it because it felt pretty fragile. Well lets have a tearful farewell to old blue and say hello to it’s new sexier looking replaceme…..
ok why did my Pro Tools just stop working… And my waves plug-ins.. no no no no no no no….. My old iLok, out of jealous rage just humped a thumb drive and threw itself off of the desk and shattered!!! You’re were a filthy filthy harlot old iLok… I should’ve never introduced you to my Mbox Micro.

You asked, we delivered. The new iLok is smaller, stronger, customizable and has a much higher capacity than the original. Together with, it is the best portable software license solution available.

  • Smaller: two iLoks now fit side by side in adjacent USB ports
  • Stronger: sturdier USB connector and solid body makes it one tough iLok
  • Higher Capacity: holds over 500 software license authorizations
  • Customizable: add a custom label under the protective sleeve – no more guessing which iLok is which
  • Hip: sleek black design and cool blue LED, need we say more?

I really like the look of the new iLoks and seeing as mine just went off to… well the trash can… after it got jealous of the new one and broke itself, Im going to need a new one….
Dear iLok,
Hello, how are you? I am fine… Well not really, you see, today I saw you have a new iLok 2nd generation out and I was really excited. So excited that I posted it on my incredible site which one commenter said “Makes me want to drink alcohol” which I think is a compliment due to alcohol being used to celebrate awesome events. Anywho, I posted about how physically attractive your new iLok was and it caused my old iLok to remove itself from my computer, engage in lewd acts with a USB stick, and then throw itself off of the desk because you made a product that was slimmer, and more attractive. Please see it in your heart to see that I am hurting right now over the loss of my good companion and send me a new one so I can make a tribute song to my old one.
Bryan at
Wipes tear away from eyes For more information on the new iLok, and to buy, click HERE.