New RME Fireface UFX

When I saw this press release my initial reaction was “WHAT? NO!!!” because I just bought the FireFace800 and I thought this was a new improved version. But luckily I realized it was a new flagship model just before I was about to hurl my model into the street and buy this one. I don’t believe in selling my old equipment because I’m scared others will get my insane mixing skills and ruggedly handsome looks by transference I’m scared to meet up with people on craigslist because I’m very frail. However I am glad this did come out though because it reminded me that once I get a chance I should do a review on my Fireface800.
So what we have is pretty much everything you could possibly want in a studio interface. There actually is quite a bit of info on this beast on RME’s website but I’m going to just hit the highlights (mainly because I filled up my wordy post quota on last week’s review.)
This unit is actually quite possibly one of the most decked out, feature-filled interfaces on the marketĀ 

  • 60 channels of audio! Digitally controlled high-end preamps, reference class converters and full 192 kHz operation.
  • Utilized the new Total Mix FX signal router and features integrated EQ, Dynamics, Reverb / Echo effect, and up to 196KHz plus built in monitoring control.
  • Bright multi-functional colour display with full front panel metering for all 60 channels plus effect bus, and complete control of all key features – directly from the front of the UFX.
  • 12 Analog Inputs with 4 digitally controlled high end preamps on the back and 8 TRS outputs on the back.
  • 12 Analog Outputs with 6 balanced TRS and 2 balanced XLR on the back – perfect for the direct connection of the main studio monitors. On the front: Two additional TRS stereo phones outputs providing high volumes even with hi-impedance headphones (playback channels 9/10 and 11/12)
  • Up to 12 analog and 18 digital channels can be recorded onto 30 separate tracks giving you 30 input and 30 output.
  • All major functions of the interface can be controlled from the unit itself.

Very very nice upgrade from the FireFace800 but seriously RME… why didn’t you call and tell me about this before I bought the one I had? Was it because of the last time we saw each other? Look… I’m sorry I messed up your Pizza Thrower. In my defense those pizzas jammed REALLY easy. And I don’t care what your friend Chuggsie said, I did not spray paint my website name on your cat… OK that does sound like something I’d do… I can’t afford advertising yet.