Pump The Brakes Eli, These Ears Are My Life: E.A.R. Sound Checker

I have very loud friends… I mean REALLY loud and if you’ve ever wondering if the constant arguments about if hand loads or factory loads are better for a gun or just general yelling about how great tractors are damaging your hearing well you’re in luck.

E.A.R. Inc. announces new “E.A.R. Sound Checker™” designed to protect hearing by easily checking surrounding decibel levels.
The E.A.R. Sound Checker™ is a personal Sound Level Meter which indicates if sound levels are safe or dangerous and helps the user determine whether hearing protection should be worn. Just point the E.A.R. Sound Checker™ toward a sound source, press the button and three LED Lights indicate decibel levels in the surrounding area.
Flickering Green LED Below 60 dB
Constant Green LED 60 dB – 75 dB
Flickering Yellow LED 75 dB – 80 dB
Constant Yellow LED 80 dB – 100 dB
Flickering Red LED 100 dB – 105 dB
Constant Red LED Above 105 dB

Hearing protection is recommended when noise levels exceed 85 dB.
Intended uses and users of EARsoundchecker!
Concerts, Clubs, Sports Events, Movies, Machinery, Aerobics, Restaurants, etc. In addition to individual users engaged in noise it is our recommendation that ANYONE ENGAGED IN HEARING HEALTHCARE should have an EARsoundchecker! This would include SAFETY OFFICERS, OCCUPATIONAL NURSES, AUDIOLOGISTS, HEARING SPECIALISTS, OTOLOGISTS, OTOLARYNGOLOGISTS, FAMILY PRACTITIONERS, etc.
Now available for delivery!

Price on this possibly ear saving work of sheer genius is $25 BUT they also offer a combo pack that comes with a spectacular key chain ear plug holder WITH ear plugs for $50. Believe me, coming from someone with noisy friends, the $50 pack is worth it’s weight in gold, especially if you’re at a restaurant seated between two of the Schlotte boys screaming Tourrettes Guy Quotes (I wouldn’t click that link in public or around people who are uptight.)
To buy and get more info that I was too lazy to cut and paste click HERE