Radial Engineering Workhorse 5000

I like to cater to just about every level of recording enthusiast so please don’t take the base explanations of equipment as me assuming you’re all idiots. I just want to make sure anyone can learn something in each of my posts. Now if you’ve given me a reason to assume you’re stupid you’re out of luck. Like for instance you’ve slammed your own hand in a car door or have at any point in your life thought Sarah Jessica Parker is attractive I can’t really help but talk to you like you’re an imbecile. Don’t blame me for it… its the law of the land. Now where was I?
The very very fast growing trend in pro audio is 500 series modules. API popularized this by developing “lunchbox” preamps and dynamics processors that can be interchanged in a chassis. This allows a person to buy a chassis unit and add equipment to it as the budget becomes available. A ton of high end companies have started making 500 series gear, making it able to buy pieces of equipment (that until now would cost a fortune) at a lower cost because the manufacturing is less expensive due to not having to make as many parts.
Radial engineering has taken the lunchbox chassis and expanded it by leaps and bounds. This has been coined as a lunchbox chassis on steroid featuring and 8 channel mixing, phantom power, summing capabilities, and dual headphone outs just to name a few. They have also introduced the “OmniPort” which is a jack in the back that 500 series module manufacturers can add a custom feature to the port.
In my opinion this technology is making the practice of “sidecars” available to everyone. Before, you would have to find channel strips off of mixers, build the chassis by hand, and make the power supply all on your own. Its a horrific process (unless that sort of thing turns you on) as well as very expensi… wait that does turn you on? PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON AND GET OFF MY SITE PERV! My tracking software says you’re reading this site from a library… in Flagler College in Flori… Wait… Is that you C?! Ok you can stay…I’m terribly sorry for that folks. There’s always a few interesting ones on the interweb and funny enough this one is a really good friend. You’ll have to excuse her but in her defense she does find great Youtube videos and is very pretty so I don’t think any of you guys will mind at all. I’m sure you’ll see more of her in the future. She’s getting her own segment on the site.