Xmas Idea #12 The Zoom H1 Recorder

I’m not trying to be a Nagger Nelly but, wait wait wait why are you charging at me yelling RACIST sir – Oh nononono I said nagger, as in one who nags people. Whew I really gotta learn to type without actually saying the words out loud. OK where was I? Ahh yes… I’m not trying to ride you about this, oh how nice, someone’s come to sit next to me and this time he’s not mad. He’s actually very… NO I was typing not making a pass at you!! Good grief… I’m never coming back to this Starbucks again.
Ok, I’m covering my mouth as I type this one with one hand.
Do you have a budding little rockstar who likes to record him and his buddies’ jam sessions? How bout a kid in college who likes to sit in the back of class but her recorder never gets the lecture so you’re stuck with a $20,000 tuition and straight F’s? No to both… hmmm… Ok, Are you a tortured musician who wakes up in the middle of the night with the next hit song idea and you write down the chords and melody and the description you get simply says “Falcon Farm?” Ok that’s you? Fantastic, well I got a gift idea. This Zoom H1 Handy Recorder. This recorder features two directional mics in anĀ  X/Y pattern for a broader more in depth stereo sound. Plus, if you don’t like the mics onboard you can plug in an external mic OR even use this as a mic for your DSLR.. Now that sets this over the top for me. Its only $99, making it a perfect buy for all purpose use.
Now if you’ll excuse me… I’m going to another place to write these posts. How can I be posting from a Starbucks if I’m out at sea? Well you know all bloggers are douchebags who have to show off by setting their mac up in a public place so I wanted to further the stereotype. You will NEVER catch me doing that but I got a cheap laugh and a few jokes out of it.
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