Xmas Ideas For The Musical Person In Your Life #2

Since Yesterday’s post was a bit on the pricey but worth it side, I’m going to show you something on the more practical side.  First question,
Does the person in mind own either an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad?
He does?! Great because I was going to post this regardless.
This particular idea is $40 and is for the guitar or bass player in your life. Its a very simple plug and play interface that allows you to plug a guitar into your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. There is even a free app that IK Multimedia offers called Amplitube so you don’t even have to spend any more money you cheapskate. Just let them know that in the free version, there is an ‘in-app store” where they can download individual upgrades such as different amps and effects. Also there is a version that has 11 stomps, 5 amps, 5 cabinets and 2 microphones. Its only $20.
ALSO something that IK Multimedia has coming out soon is an iKlip, which lets you clip your iPad to a mic stand. Perfect for the musician in mind that wants to use his iRig and Amplitube on stage. Just like the iRig, the iKlip is $40 so now you have two ideas for the same price. The iKlip is available for pre-order, but I would bet that with such a hot item for the iPad, this will be available for the holidays, but I would DEFINITELY pre-order. They’re gonna go fast.
For more info on iRig Click HERE
For more info on iKlip, Click HERE
I will be posting links to each gift idea at the bottom of these pages.
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