I know this doesn’t have much to do with recording but its such a good cause I have to post it. If you’re planning on buying an amp, you might want to consider a Diamond Amp because 10% of the sales from buying an amp will go to providing musical gear for the troops overseas who couldn’t bring over instruments. I mean… being over there being fired at by Derka Derkas is bad enough, but not being able to express your anguish through the majesty of song is just as bad.

Diamond Amplification today announces Diamond’s 2010 Support Your Troops benefit. CEO/Owner Jeff Diamant and business partner Terry Martin have put together a program to turn 10% of all proceeds from sales of Diamond products between November 1 and December 31, 2010 into musical equipment that will ship overseas for military troops. Many enlisted men and women are musicians but are unable to transport their instruments while on deployment. This campaign will provide guitar amplifiers to troops serving overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.
“We have always offered discounts for active-duty military personnel as well as war veterans,” says Diamant. “Terry and I both want to do something more for our troops. We get lots of requests for gear from military personnel overseas and we just want to give them a little taste of home, and a little reminder of what they’re fighting for.”
To further support the campaign, Diamond Amplification is creating a Facebook Fan Page. The page will allow the troops to not only communicate amongst their fellow enlisted musicians but also allow family, friends, and fans back home to share in the experience. Additional considerations are also in the works to use the page as an opportunity for troops win even more equipment and for fans to show their support.
Diamond’s new benefit is a joint idea with active-duty Special Forces Sergeant Major Billy Varga. “Billy is a great friend to us and to Diamond,” says Diamant. Varga, who not only is and has served overseas; plays guitar in his original metal project, Motorjunkie. Diamant says “Billy and I discussed doing something for the troops and came up with this program. Billy is handling all the logistics to get the gear over there and helping us place it in the right locales to make sure it gets put to good use.”
“I am more proud of our artists who have stood up to help and support the program than I am of our involvement in it,” added Diamant. A number of Diamond endorsed players have added not only their name, but their own contributions, including Tim Mahoney (311), Zach Myers (Shinedown), Jason Krause (Kid Rock), Clint Lowery (Sevendust), Jason Null (Saving Abel), and Zoltan Bathory (Five Finger Death Punch) have all agreed to provide their own “care packages.”  The packages include hoodies, shirts, CD’s and other items from each of their respective bands to ship over with the Diamond Product. “Mahoney even is throwing in a Diamond from his personal collection to add to what we send,” Diamant notes.
Diamond will be aggregating all sales from November 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010, then preparing gear equivalent to 10% of its sales. That gear will ship courtesy of the US Armed Forces to bases overseas directed by Varga along with all the care packages donated by Diamond Artists.  All Diamond Artists listed in this release have agreed to make themselves available for comment.

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For more on this benefit, please visit www.diamondamplification.com/supportyourtroops
So go spend some money and get these men and women who put their hides on the line for you some rad instruments. Its really the least you can do.