Friday Gear Fest

You know what, I’m loyal to you people. So loyal that I’m going to be completely honest. There’s nothing cool I really think is worth you reading about this week. I know AES was last week and I’m supposed to be all pumped and so overloaded with info that I’m posting 20+ entries on everything that has any iota of interest to the recording enthusiast, but in all honesty, I’m never going to post something that I don’t find interesting myself. I’ve read through so many sites and new things coming out and I’m just not excited about them. Call it possible overload of info but I don’t think that’s the case. Of course there is a great deal of nice gear I place on here, but I didn’t really have anything that I felt was good enough to spotlight. So I DARE a recording company to email me some new product that will blow my mind. Look I’ll even give you my personal email address: [email protected]. I owe it to all of my readers to post interesting content and not just vomit whatever shows up on the press releases. My site isn’t about getting money for advertising or some huge mass following. This site is about getting the information that matters to the people whom I feel need it. And because I don’t really see anything of extremely awesome to feature, I’m going to feature nothing. Sad day… I know, but I’d rather be honest with all of you and give it to you straight instead of just giving you words to read about some piece of gear that I didn’t even enjoy reading about.