Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Kit

Do you suffer from the affliction of living in an apartment where your neighbors know your deepest darkest secrets because the walls are so thin (Kimberly in Apt 426 I do not sing Lady Gaga songs in the shower  *shifts eyes) and every time you and your room mate decide you want to sit in different rooms and sing songs back and forth about farts, they hear it (don’t act like you didn’t Kim, I heard you singing our little rendition of Live Like You Were Dying By Tim McGraw in the hallway.) Well if any of those things apply to you or you don’t have the time or space to record acoustic drums, then this is PERFECT for you. Lets see what they have to say about the product shall we?
Alesis announces the DM6 USB Express Kit, the most capable electronic drum set in its price class. The DM6 USB Express Kit is in stores and available for purchase now.
Drummers of all levels can enjoy the DM6 USB Express Kit, a full-sized four-piece drumset. With natural-feeling drum and cymbal pads and a sturdy rack system that keeps mounted components firmly in place, players can practice, perform, and learn with the DM6 USB Express Kit. The kit has six pads, including a dual-zone snare, two toms, an upright kick, hi-hat and cymbal. Drummers can get started immediately with the included Alesis hi-hat and bass drum pedals, and they can upgrade their DM6 USB Express Kit with any single or double bass drum pedal in the future.
Recording and performing drummers will find 108 modern drum, cymbal and percussion sounds in ten preconfigured kits. They can also create five custom setups to reflect their personal playing preferences. In addition to the DM6’s internal sounds, a USB-MIDI computer connection enables studio drummers to play with drum-module software such as BFD, Toontrack, or Reason for a limitless collection of sounds. Gigging drummers will appreciate the DM6 USB Express Kit’s heavy-duty metal rack with industry standard 1 1/2-inch tubing for easy add-ons and expansion.
“The DM6 USB Express Kit introduces Alesis drum quality, sound and feel to a new audience of drummers, thanks to its ultra-affordable price,” said Dan Radin, Product Manager, Alesis. “Whether you’re getting started playing the drums, adding electronic sounds to your acoustic drum setup, or want a compact, quiet practice kit, the DM6 USB Express Kit is perfect for you.”
So there you have it… This isn’t actually a bad idea and I’m considering buying a set to hook the laptop into and use real drum samples with. It would be great for fast-lining those quick projects or scratch ideas without the time and hassle of setting up the acoustic kit. This still won’t replace the cowbell. I gotta have more cowbell.
The DM6 USB Express Kit is available now from musical instrument, pro audio retailers. It has a U.S. Retail Price of $599.00 and an estimated street price of $399.00. For more information, visit HERE

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