All Aboard The Gain Train!!

Yessir, Kush Audio has released a new affordable TRANSPARENT monitor control station and naturally have named it the “Gain Train.” Looks like my not so great Presonus Control Station is about to be taken out back and given the Ol Yeller treatment. What? That dog had it coming!! Anyways, they’ve made this control station a very compact design that’s easy to get to and can be expanded. You have the “Main Gain” and the expansion “Function Junction.” The only thing I’m not crazy about is the color. It’s gonna look REALLY out of place in my control room… Its like a brown belt with black shoes. My friend John Schug just said “Paint it Hot Pink!” How is that supposed to help? I’ve got a better idea. I should buy a UBK Fatso THEN it will have something else to match. Crisis Averted. And to think I was gonna paint it pink. That would match worse. You’re an idiot John.

American manufacturer Kush Audio are showing the Gain Train, a totally transparent, Class A expandable monitor controller with a small footprint and a revolutionary price point.
The Main Gain, the system’s base module, is a two in/two out standalone monitor controller featuring independent L/R output muting (at last!), a mono switch and tri-color Peak/RMS metering.
The Function Junction is the Gain Train’s first expansion module, and attaches to the Main Gain either directly or using a cable for maximum placement flexibility. It expands the system’s functionality by adding two additional stereo inputs and outputs (all outputs available simultaneously), talkback with level control and auto program-mute, as well as dual headphone amps with independent level controls and top flight signal path. All Function Junction i/o is via a rear-panel d-sub, allowing the system to be configured for any application.

Each module will carry a $499 MAP, bringing the complete system to the street for under $1,000. Shipping is scheduled for April 2011.
For more info, keep an eye out HERE,
Everything Recording DISCLAIMER: My Lawyer. Harold, has informed me I have to add this disclaimer stating: EVERYTHINGRECORDING.COM is not at all advising you to physically take your eye out and keep it focused on Kush Audio’s website.
Harold, are our readers that stupid seriously? Ohhhh that was for me too. I guess idiocy attracts like company.