And You Say I'm Not Helpful: FXpansion Sale: 50% Off

Here we have a perfect example of me finding sweet deals on all the great stuff you need. Go ahead, admit it. You want to go steady with me right? Ladies? Maybe. Dudes? Sorry homey I don’t roll that way but thanks for the lovely offer. I do however like dressing nice sometimes and going to World Market so we have that in common. At either rate, FXpansion is offering some Christmas cheer, (no not THIS kind) and they are hooking us up with 50% off of expansion packs as long as you have a valid FXpansion User Account which I highly recommend getting. I think you have to buy one of their pieces of software, but now would be a good time to hop on over there and get Geist. I hear its just a delightful program to work with and the sounds are amazing.

FXpansion introduce the December Half Price Sale!
For the entire month of December all FXpansion download-only expansion packs are 50% off for registered owners of BFD2, BFD Eco, DCAM: Synth Squad, GURU & Geist!
BFD2 & BFD Eco:
Jazz Maple
Oak Custom
Maple Custom Absolute
8 Bit Kit
Japanese Taiko Percussion & Grooves (BFD2 only)
Signature Snares Vol.1 & Vol.2
Sleishman Drums & Sleishman Snares
BFD2 + 50% off Packs or BFD Eco + 50% off Packs
DCAM: Synth Squad:
Himalaya: Antiquity
Myagi: Ferocity (New!)
DCAM Synth Squad + 50% off Packs
GURU & Geist:
City of Drums & Beats
Geist + 50% off Pack

To take advantage of these offers, log in to your user account and visit the online shop. Expand your BFD sound library, your Synth Squad Preset library or your GURU/Geist sample library today!