We Grow Up So Fast

Look at that adorable mug!! That was the moment I realized that at 28, I was gonna start a site about recording gear. Well it was either that or I was just crapping my diaper. Not sure about that but I sure look happy either way.
And just to think not too long ago, I was constantly having to resort to nonsense and fart jokes to keep you on this site. who am I kidding? I did that for me and I still do it, and will continue to do it because this is MY SITE and no one (except my mommy) tells me what to do. Well now we keep growing at exponential rates and have quite a bit you returning day to day to read this compilation of psychobabble and genius recording products. Its not a bad combo huh? So in order to keep improving, I will be doing some contests and promotions very soon and the more people that show up, the more prizes I give away. So start telling your friends so you can win some great gear and keep checking back.
Oh and I might be on the losing end of a pact I made with a buddy a while back so you better feel special. I told him if I EVER got a twitter account that he could kick me in the gentleman’s region from behind unexpectedly 6 times. So we might not be seeing any cuter versions of the above picture due to that.
In the mean time check out my Sound Cloud Page. I will be posting audio files from all of my reviews. There’s a HUGE review coming up in the next day or so where I take on a challenge that a plug-in manufacturer threw down.
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