Audiofile Engineering: Quiztones for iOS

Ever heard a song and wish you could figure out what frequencies the engineer was boosting to get the mix? Me neither, because I know everything about audio engineering and could out mix Chris Lord Alge in my sleep. (Shifts eyes) But for the rest of us idiots (crap I blew my cover by including myself in the word idiots) there’s Quiztones. This app for iOS will train your ears using tones with frequencies boosted as well as loops to further your mixing skills.

Audiofile Engineering, creators of professional audio software for Mac OS X and iOS, have recently acquired Quiztones (, an ear training application for audio professionals and musicians, and released it as an App for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Quiztones founder Dan Comerchero joins Audiofile Engineering as a Product Manager.
Quiztones is designed to train the ears to instantly and intuitively recognize frequencies. This is useful for tasks like mixing, adjusting EQ settings, and identifying and eliminating feedback.
As musicians and audio professionals, we spend a great deal of time analyzing frequencies, whether we’re adjusting them for a good mix in the studio,  for  immediate  release or trying to get rid of feedback on stage, said Comerchero. Ear training with Quiztones can make this a lot faster and easier by eliminating trial and error methods of frequency identification such as sweeping.
Quiztones cleverly uses various quizzes to engage users in training exercises from simple frequency tones and pink noise to real-world sounds like frequency-altered drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and vocals.
Quiztones is designed to:
Sharpen frequency recognition skills
Improve mixing and EQ skills
Prevent noise buildup in mixes and recordings
Identify and eliminate feedback on stage
Eliminate the need for time-consuming frequency sweeping

Quiztones requires iOS 4.0 or later on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and is available through iTunes for $2.99.
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