Radial Engineering Unleashes the Workhorse WR8

Now THIS is what I’m talking about. I’ve been waiting for this 500 Series rack to come out since I saw it, and they’ve made it even better by offering a model without the summing mixer. You can still put the mixer in later if you want, but this makes getting the workhorse a little more cost effective by allowing you to buy the summing mixer at a later date. Speaking of dates, I haven’t been on one in almost 2 years… True story

Radial Engineering Ltd. is pleased to announce the availability of the  stand-alone Workhorse WR8 500 series rack and optional WM8 8 channel summing  mixer.
According to Radial sales manager Steve McKay: “Our plan was to  start shipping the Workhorse into the North American market and then expand to  Europe after the product proved to be both stable and trouble-free. After  shipping hundreds, we are pleased to say that the Workhorse launch has been  tremendously successful. We now feel the time has come to make the Workhorse  available in a rack-only format for those who may not require the built-in 8  channel mixer. This not only brings the cost down of the Workhorse rack, but  also enables the user to add the mixer at a later date, should the need  arise.”
The Radial Workhorse WR8 is an 8-slot 500 series mixer that is  100% compatible with all standard 500 series modules. Individual XLR inputs and  outputs are complimented with parallel 1/4″ TRS connectors and Pro-Tools  compatible 25 pin D-Subs. This enables any of the 8 module slots to be easily  integrated within the framework of today’s popular digital workstation  environment. A special feed function also enables modules to be connected in  series without having to hard patch using a cable. Should the user wish to add  the optional Workhorse 8 channel mixer section, a step-by-step mixer  installation slide show can be found on our website by clicking on the WR8  rack photo.

Both the Workhorse WR-8 rack and the WM-8 mixer retail for  $799 USD and are now available through authorized vendors.
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