Elysia Mpressor 500

The MPressor takes compression to a whole new level. Now you can fit it in your 500 series rack!

NETTETAL, GERMANY: high-end studio processor manufacturer elysia is proud to announce availability of the mpressor 500 — furthering the lengthening lineup of its 500 Series hardware by bringing the heritage of its immensely powerful rack-mount mpressor creative compressor to bear on the fashionable 500 series standard — as of October 10…
Like its bigger brother, the mpressor 500 combines serious punch with a full and detailed class-A sound. Its tremendous tone and flexibility make it a consummate choice for recording and mixing, while its strikingly special features take it far beyond the borders of what conventional compressors can do.
Extreme time constants, negative ratios, Anti Log release, and elysia’s innovative gain reduction limiter provide a whole spectrum of unique dynamics shaping options. A new feature of this 500 series module is its switchable THD Boost, allowing on-the-fly signal coloration and saturation effects capable of delivering a different, grittier flavor.
“It’s been a challenge to transfer such a sophisticated discrete design into the 500 series form factor,” says elysia Head of Development Ruben Tilgner. “But, after using and listening to the final version of the mpressor 500, we are truly pleased with what we have achieved.”
The mpressor 500 is made in Germany, exclusively using top-quality components, gold-plated PCBs, a rugged 4mm aluminum front panel, and solid aluminum knobs.

It is available from any elysia dealer for $749.00 MAP ($805.00 MSRP), or 500 € net (plus VAT where applicable), and is shipping right now.

The mpressor 500 can be seen and heard on elysia’s Youtube channel here: www.youtube.com/elysiaTV