Phoenix Audio Tilt Tone 500

Sometimes all you need is a little balance. Tilt EQs can sometimes even tame material better than a standard EQ. Phoenix Audio Tilt Tone does this in a 500 series package. What sets Tilt Tone apart from other tilt EQ’s is the flexibility in giving the user 3 different center frequencies on which to “tilt” your EQ.

The Tilt Tone Channel 500 (Tilt TC/500) is a 500 series channel strip featuring a balanced line level signal processor incorporating our class A discrete buffer amp from our world renowned Nicerizer summing mixer, a DI with our 10meg ohm inputs found in our Nice DI and a Tilt EQ circuit.
Tilt TC/500 uses a powerful tone control Tilt EQ , a unique 3 position Tilt EQ with 3 carefully selected tilit positions to cover low frequencies at 160hz, mid frequencies at 800hz and high frequencies at 1.6khz. A dark/bright shaping control, allows you to tilt the EQ to darken your mix (add LF) or brighten the mix (add HF).
There is a also a 10 position LED metering that accurately represents the output level.
The unit can also be used in bypass mode, the ouput control can be driven bringing in the Class A discrete output circuitry and output transformer to add analogue colour and saturation to any source, and a pair of units would be excellent on a mix bus or mastering.


  • Class A Stereo DI Output specs.

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20Khz +/- 0.5dB

  • Maximum Output: +26dBu @ 1Khz

  • Noise: 90dB @ 22Hz to 22KHz

  • Class A, discrete, truly balanced transformerless input stage.

  • The Class A DI has a very high input impedance (10Mohm), without the use of FET’s. This means that the guitar pickups are not loaded as with a lower impedance input, and so allows every transient to be reproduced, making even a cheap guitar sound exceptional.

  • Inputs: 1/4″ jack (TS) input & through input on the front panel

  • Transformer isolated balanced output (XLR) on the rear panel

  • Tilt EQ with 3 fixed Tilt positions : 160hz, 800hz & 1.6khz

  • Dark/bright tone control

  • 10 position LED output metering.

  • Output level control.

Price: $599.00
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