Sonible Smart:EQ 2

We reviewed Sonible Smart:EQ and loved it. Sonible is back with version 2 with new features.

With smart:EQ 2, the high-end audio plug-in maker sonible releases the first major update of their intelligent equalizer smart:EQ. smart:EQ 2 combines state-of-the-art A.I. algorithms with the latest psychoacoustic research and decades of mixing and mastering experience. A completely re-designed interfaces offers users a significantly expanded set of features and an even more intuitive workflow.

With the update to version 2.0, smart:EQ receives a completely revamped graphical user interface, new filter types and an extended version of the award-winning smart:filter. smart:EQ 2 allows for fast global tonal changes as well as surgical precise EQing adjustments. For studio and post production professionals, smart:EQ 2 speeds up repetitive EQing tasks. At the same time, musicians and aspiring beginners in sound engineering can process self-made recordings with more confidence.

Ladies & Gentlemen, start your smart:engines – CPU-friendly and smooth workflow

The unique smart:filter is the heart of smart:EQ 2. It is a self-learning A.I. filter that compensates for spectral imbalances. The A.I. analyses recordings in seconds and then gives users the option to individually weigh the intelligently computed filter curves. smart:EQ 2’s unparalleled equalizer technology is informed by bringing state-of-the-art algorithms and the development team’s years of hands-on sound engineering experience together.

New smart:filter features: profiles and states

As with the smart:EQ live plug-in, different “profiles” ensure the ideal adaptation of smart:EQ 2 to the respective sound source of the input signal. sonible has developed 20 factory profiles included in the plug-in in close cooperation with top international producers and sound engineers and tested them in various production environments. In addition, users have the option to save own profiles and to transfer them to other sessions or share them with friends.

One major improvement of the smart:EQ 2 is the new “states” option. This feature allows you to save different states of the intelligent filter curve. States can also be automated, which simplifies the editing of dialogues in film post production and of contrasting sections within songs.

More functions, intuitive workflow – major feature update in a completely new look

With smart:EQ 2, sonible offers a multitude of new functions while simultaneously increasing the usability of the plug-in. In close cooperation with the support team, feature requests by users were analyzed and integrated into the new product design. After intensive beta testing, the developers optimized the GUI for a smooth studio workflow. The result is a go-to EQ for any mixing or mastering task.

There is nothing comparable to the A.I. engine of smart:EQ 2 on the market. Together with the optimized feature set, the update is the go-to plug-in for any sound engineer and music producer”. Ralf Baumgartner, CEO sonible

The new interface includes a dedicated smart:filter section, an analyzer, as well as new filter types, including tilt filters. In designing the new GUI concept, special attention was paid to integrating the mid/side functionality. The innovative side panning offers users new possibilities for placing sound sources inside the stereo image while maintaining the stability and presence of the mid sound components.

The modular feature sections turn smart:EQ 2 into a tool that adapts quickly to any situation in the studio. Users can set their current priorities in the mixing process and thus always keeps his productive focus. Musical coloration, detailed mastering, transparent mixing and complex film & TV productions are among the applications the plug-in feels most comfortable with.

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