In my opinion the Audix D6 is the best kick mic for the money and actually is my preference over the Shure, AKG, and Beyer kick mics.  But then again, what does my opinion matter, I really like Nickelback.
This kit is taking a page out of the Blue, Sontronics, and Earthworks book by making the minimalist 4 piece (Led Zeppelin) style mic packs. These kits are perfect for the limited pre-amp setups in home studios or the lazy live sound engineer at Warehouse Live in Houston who looks like Planet of the Apes and gripes everytime you ask to have a functioning monitor in front of you… sorry… I had an axe to grind.

The Audix DP QUAD pack is the simplest, most effective combination of microphones needed to capture the depth and imaging of a full drum kit. Featuring the D6 for kick, i5 for snare and two ADX51’s for overhead, the DP-QUAD is intended to create a blend effect between close and overhead miking.
The D6 and i5 are high SPL dynamic microphones which are excellent for close miking; a technique that is required in order to capture the attack and percussive sound of the drum. The D6 will help provide earthshaking lows and the attack of the kick; the i5 will reinforce the depth and crack of the snare. These two mics are the core of any drum kit and the foundation for every groove, making them a must have for all drummers.

This mic kit comes with a very nice aluminum flight case and is priced at $825.00.
To buy this incredible kit, click HERE
And if you know who I’m talking about at Warehouse live, make sure if you see him around, get a pic of you giving him a swirlie , email it to me [email protected] and I’ll mail you something really nice.