Tone2 Releases Akustix Enhancer

I posted about this plug-in coming out not too long ago and I couldn’t be more pumped. Any plug-in that is a one stop shop to take your mix or even individual tracks to the next level is great by me and this one takes the cake on features.PLUS its priced at $79.99 right now!
Employing newly created technology, Akustix has Stereo Width, Smart Filter, A Special (Psycho) EQ, Exciter, Phase Enhance, and a smart filter.

Tone2 Audiosoftware are proud to announce the release of their new AkustiX Enhancer plugin. AkustiX Enhancer is a collection of enhancement effects designed to complement the mix and mastering process. Combined into an intuitive user interface each effect is based on the latest developments in psycho-acoustic research and offers multiple ways to customize your recordings by using psycho-acoustic processing to shape and enhance your sound.
AkustiX Enhancer features six powerful mixing effects:
Psycho EQ
The Psycho EQ dynamically boosts and equalizes frequencies based on the nonlinearity of the human ear.
Stereo Width
With up to 3 frequency bands available the stereo width effect uses exclusive new technology to provide independent frequency control over the stereo width & spatial image without introducing negative artifacts.
Ultra Stereo
The Ultra Stereo section adds transparency while enhancing perceived spaciousness and auditory distance within a mix, it can also be used to up mix from mono to stereo
Phase Enhance
Phase Enhance masks non linearities and simulates a more natural dispersion and propagation of the sound
Multi Exciter
Designed to enhance presence and brightness the multiband exciter adds vibrancy and depth to your mix by adding additional harmonics.
Smart Filter
The Smart Filter section enhances transparency and adds more detail by using frequency-domain masking
Product highlights
•    Six essential effects to complement your track and mastering process
•    Add brightness, vibrancy, transparency and depth to your mix •    Restore and revitalize old recordings
•    Exclusive new technology based on the latest in psychoacoustics research
•    Elegant and intuitive user interface
•    High-end quality processing
•    Powerful spectrum analyzer & phase meter to visualize imaging and phase
•    Suitable for mix, mastering and signal restoration purposes
•    Ships with professional presets for a broad range of mix & mastering tasks

ITS ONLY $79.00. GO buy it now.
For more information please visit the Tone2 website HERE