The Maschine Trinity: Maschine, Maschine Mikro, and iMaschine

While everyone else is celebrating a day department stores made up for an excuse to have big sales, I’m here, nose to the grindstone, finding all the hot stories. Shifts eyes due to the lack of content lately.
Maschine is the one piece of gear, besides my iLok, that I bring EVERYWHERE. It’s everything: a midi controller, intuitive sequencer, not to mention an all in one device for fresh beats! Now they’ve expanded their arsenal with a more compact controller, (I WILL own you) and an iPhone / iPod touch app. Now lets get an iPad app and I will own every piece of Maschine gear you make. Also, Maschine updates to 1.7 today so get that too.

The MASCHINE world is expanding in three major ways: MASCHINE MIKRO is the perfect entry to pro beat-making. With its compact, go-anywhere controller and same powerful software as its big brother, MIKRO is unbelievable value  – check out what it can do in the amazing video featuring finger drumming phenomenon Jeremy Ellis. And now, both MIKRO and the flagship MASCHINE receive a brand-new 1.7 software update, featuring seamless integration with KOMPLETE 8. And if that’s not enough, check out iMASCHINE, the mobile beat-making app for your iPhone® or iPod Touch®. Whatever your workflow, there’s a now a MASCHINE version for you.

The free 1.7 software update is available for download today, while MASCHINE MIKRO and iMASCHINE will be available from October 1st.
For more info, click HERE.