Steinberg UR Series Interfaces

Looks like Steinberg has decided to go the route of Avid and make interfaces for their DAW as well as other. Speaking of Avid, I just received some rather daunting news about Avid’s new line of HD Interfeces (typo, but it stays because its partially true) is made with less quality components as their predecessors. Sad huh? But that’s just more of an excuse to use Black Lion Audio to mod out my HD 16 I/O. Anyways, off track… Sorry. Hey! Steinberg Interfaces. Lots of inputs! Low Latency!

Steinberg today is excited to add two new audio interfaces to its growing range of hardware products. The UR824 and the UR28M both offer pristine, transparent audio quality, high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity alongside advanced technologies such as DSP-powered reverb and channel strip effects with zero-latency monitoring.
The UR824 and UR28M interfaces share a host of quality features, including state-of-the-art 24-bit/96 kHz A/D and D/A converters and Yamaha’s acclaimed D-Pre Class-A microphone preamps — a strong combination when it comes to crisp and crystal-clear audio quality. Plus, the DSP-powered dspMixFx technology boasts latency-free monitoring in conjunction with the included REV-X reverb and Sweet Sport Morphing Channel Strip effects. And with the included Cubase AI 6 version you can start recording music right away.
The rackmountable UR824 interface features eight Neutrik combo inputs with D-Pre mic preamps, eight TRS outputs and two pairs of ADAT optical I/O that add up to 24 channels. A word clock I/O, JetPLL ultra-low jitter support and two separate headphone buses complement the professional feature set of the UR824.
The UR28M desktop interface comes with two Neutrik combo inputs, two TRS inputs, six TRS outputs and S/PDIF I/O. Two D-Pre microphone preamps, a two-track input and two individual headphone channels make the UR28M the ideal choice for ambitious musicians and project studio owners.
Best of all, the UR interfaces will integrate seamlessly into your existing setup — no matter if you are using Cubase or another DAW of your choice. The UR series always provides pure sound for your music.

The UR28M is now being shipped to our distributors worldwide* and is shortly available through the Steinberg Online Shop. The UR824 will be shipping in November 2011.
Not sure on prices yet but for more info, click HERE