Warm Audio Tone Beast

Bryce is back (and looking very excited to talk to S.O.S in the video screenshot) with a peek at his newest concoction of insanely low priced must have gear. This time he’s let the beast loose with this highly versatile piece of gear called the ToneBeast. It essentially starts with a Warm Audio WA12 and hot rods it out with those features any discerning engineer loves to have at their disposal, plus a few they didn’t even know they needed. That’s when you know you’ve found a great new piece of gear… when they give you something you need but didn’t even know you wanted. The only thing I’ve seen close to this is the Slate Pro Audio Fox Quad Tone but that is $1799.00. This has even more features and this one is 1/3rd of the price. I will let Bryce explain all of this better in the above video.
For more info, stay tuned and check out www.WarmAudio.com for updates. I’ll be posting updates as well.