Elysia Xpressor: 19" Rackmount Version

The Xpressor is an extremely versatile dynamics processor. Not only does it compress and tame transients but it can also be used as a sound shaping tool. Just watch THIS video. So you pretty much want one now right? Well you can either get the 500 series version or in the new nineteen inch version.

The xpressor is back!
Many of you have asked for this, so we have created this 19“ version which comes in a full aluminum enclosure, making it very light and rock solid at the same time. Further additions to the xpressor are send and return connectors for an external sidechain, plus a superior linear power supply with a shielded toroidal transformer. And just like with our ‘bigger’ machines, you’ll find no cables in the complete audio path at all.
Looking for a great sounding, super flexible discrete class-A stereo compressor?
The xpressor is shipping right now, and it is more affordable than you might think

The xpressor 500 is now available for $1,499 / 990 €* and can be found HERE
And just when you thought Elysia was done, they also offer 25% off of the alpha compressor, the mpressor and the alpha & mpressor bundle until 15 September 2011.
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