Exclusive: Vintech 500 Series Pre

Oh the things I do for you guys. Here is a first look at Vintech’s 500 series pre-amp based on the Neve 1073 circuit. If I were to guess what its going to be called, I would say its going to be the VA573. Astute observation huh? You know this is why you visit here! So basically this is in the works but they are allowing people to beta test it so if you have a 500 series module, contact Dallas Upton at 813-982-9026 and he might hook you up. Here’s the tip I got from the good folks at Vintech

We at Vintech have begun producing a 500 series mic preamp and d.i. The preamp is class A, all discrete, transformer balanced and is based on the 1073 circuit. The unit also features a new discrete high impedance d.i. that goes through the input transformer. The units are hand built in the U.S.A. by us. This unit contains no I.C.’s and no surface mount components and contains three all discrete class A amplifiers as in the original 1073.
We ask that anyone interested in beta testing these units please contact us by phone at the number on our website. The beta test units will require a refundable depost of $400 for each module.
So there we go. There’s your exclusive for the day. Now go make me a sandwich!!!