Handy New T-RackS 3 Guide

If you’re anything like me (which I pray you’re not) you’re either too stupid or too lazy to sit there and toy around with software to learn how to better use what you’ve spent money on. BUT  you’re extremely studious and want to be the very best you can then I have a product for you.
Mixing and Mastering with T-rackS – The Official Guide $29.99/ EUR 19.99
This bad boy goes from start to finish on how to further use your T-rackS bundle. I bought this bundle a year ago and I use it just as much as I use my Waves bundle I own. Whether you’re new to the world of mixing or have been doing this for years, this book claims it has it all. I can’t completely back that because I don’t own it yet (HINT HINT IK Multimedia) but I’m sure I’ll get around to buying it. Then once I do I’ll make sure and do a review on how this book fares against the book I bought about mixing and mastering with Waves plugins. This book certainly has me on price because that waves book was around 80 bucks. Hopefully they have a e-book copy as well.
Also I would highly recommend buying the T-rackS bundle if you’re looking for GREAT Incredible EQ and Dynamics plugins. I’ve used T-Racks software for about 6 years now and its usually my go to EQ for fast comprehensive mixing and quick easy to tweak pre-made presets.
Fine fine, I’ll give you an example of how great these plugins are. TRUE STORY. I let my friend Joey (who knows very very little about recording) play around in my studio while I was doing something else. I come back and he has managed to perfectly mix an audio clip of my other friend Josh S.  farting. He pulled up the T-rackS EQ and pulled up the preset “male vocal with air” (you just can’t make this stuff up any better) and I coulda swore it sounded like I was 3 feet from his cheeks. Now I’m begging you Joe, PLEASE tell me which mic you used so I can de-commision it. – Love The Littles B-ry.

For T-rackS Plugin Bundles Click HERE
For the book on how to use em’ click HERE

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From the age of eight, using my cheap Yamaha PSR-500 keyboard's 4 track limited recorder, I became fascinated with tracking audio. This quickly was sent into overdrive when my dad bought an Alesis ADAT. The rest was history. Many years later and too much money spent, I decided to use this fascination to help others. Thus, Everything Recording was born.