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Sit tight internet. I’m coming to save you from mediocrity. UPDATE: Allie is completely stomping my butt at words with friends. This has nothing to do with recording, but Allie said I have to include her in all aspects of my life, or she will do something called “Popsicling?” to me. I LOVE Popsicles. I hope its a bomb pop!

UPDATE 2: Popsicling – taking a long object and shoving it into ones backside and holding them in the air to emulate a popsicle… How is THAT punishment??!!

UPDATE 3: I have since revisited this very first post, and while embarrassed at my attempt at being funny, have since married the antagonist in the post. We are very happy.

Did I say it right babe? Ok good.

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From the age of eight, using my cheap Yamaha PSR-500 keyboard's 4 track limited recorder, I became fascinated with tracking audio. This quickly was sent into overdrive when my dad bought an Alesis ADAT. The rest was history. Many years later and too much money spent, I decided to use this fascination to help others. Thus, Everything Recording was born.