Help Launch A Career

Everything Recording has decided that since the PR Model for most pro audio companies is a little lackluster at times, that we are going to use this page to launch careers. If you have an artist or ARE an artist who I think is cool, I’ll feature your project. This week’s project is one I’ve invested a great deal of time and money into. Ike Allday is an artist I have worked with for about 2 years. I’ve done all of the production and mixing. It was a learning experience for me because this is my first rap album to be involved in. Now Ike needs your help to get promotion.

This album is essentially a sound track to my life at different stages and times, it’s a soundtrack to all of our lives. Celebration, struggle, tragedy, triumph, poverty, school, youth and the fear that comes with it are some of the topics this album touches on. My main focus was to give you music that you could actually talk about later, music that makes you think, dance, love, cry or smile. It has been a challenging journey up to this point and our biggest obstacle still remains. We need YOU! You have the power to help us bring this album to life and share it with the world. So, we ask you to give whatever you can, help how ever you can, spread the word to as many as you can. Your support is critical and appreciated greatly.

  • THE GOAL: $3500 to cover the cost of
  • Music Video: we have teamed up with eighthourfilms to produce an out of the box and very unique video experience
  • music marketing company that will help push this album and video past my short reach of my Facebook and twitter network
  • Physical copies of the album: signed physical copies of the album to be distributed to our supporters
  • T-Shirts: A limited amount of unique original design “Late Arrival” t-shirts to be given to supporters. 

STRETCH GOAL: If you guys can help us get to $5,000 we will have just enough to shoot TWO videos. Two is waaaay better than one so I say lets do it. Also I will record and release an exclusive bonus track and send everyone an advanced download link! (People like the words “advanced” and “exclusive”…right?)

To help out, click HERE.