IGS Audio: Analog Cure For Digital Disease

The equipment coming through the news wire is INSANE today. THIS is the reason I started this site for days like this when I could show you some of the greatest outboard gear that the industry has to offer. It brings a tear to my eye to see so much great stuff coming out. Look at these two new products from IGS Audio.
A little background on the company from the site (Seems like Igor and I are on the same page because we both LOVE Hip-Hop. I really like this company)
IGS AKA Igor Sobczyk is well known producer in Poland. He was one of the first in the country to spread Hip-Hop nationwide. His first music projects (Ekspedycje 1999, Alchemia 2000) are considered as the foundation of contemporary polish Hip-Hop, especially in the Silesian region. The artists whom he recorded and produced are amognst others: Tede (3H), Abra Dab (Kaliber 44), Fokus (Paktofonika), Gutek (Indios Bravos, Mustafarai), Jajonasz. Currently he is producing the debut album for Poland’s fresh pop/r’n’b talent Losza vera.
Igor is also an outstanding engineer. IGS Audio is now one the most desired studio equipment brands in Poland and it is continuously expanding internationally. The original IGS Audio products qualify as pretendants to no.1. Clones of other brands produced by Igs Audio are accurate and excellent.
IGS is all about happiness in success.
IGS Studio has been operational since 1997. The IGS Audio brand was created in 2003.

First we have the EQP-2 Passive Stereo Equalizer.

The EQP2 consists of two blocks: The first block is a classic passive filter known from the EQP-1 device. The second block is a specially designed two-stage tube amplifier called Organic Amp. Due to its construction, passive equalizers’ culture is characterized by amazing sound. The new design includes a bypass relay, which allows you to instantly compare the results of your work. The equalizer has been divided into 4 sections: 2 for bass and 2 for treble. Bands are selected with stepped switches.

And just when you thought that was enough, IGS releases ANOTHER great product, the ONE LA, Which reminds me of a Teletronix LA-2A. Today is HEAVEN.

The IGS ONE LA is a photo-optical compressor, referring to the legendary solution of United Recording Electronics Industries. It is an input and output transformer balanced, full tube device. The input of the system is worked with a Sowter 4383 transformer, the output with Edcor 10k/600. Two 6N2P-EW 6N1P-EW dual-triodes are installed on the audio circuit, while the compression circuit isequipped with the 6N2P-EW triode and the 6AQ5 pentode, which control the work of the T4B photocell. On the front panel you can adjust the input sensitivity (GAIN) and compression threshold (PEAK REDUCTION). Additionally, you can select the operating mode between Compress and Limit. You can also set the meter to VU or Gain Reduction.

Price for the EQP-2 is about $2250 US
Price for the ONE LA is about $1700 US
For more info on these incredible products, click HERE