Xmas Idea #7 NSP Breakout Pedal

Wow, just yesterday, I was whining about how nothing was going on in the world of recording equipment, then BOOM BULDING KICK… EXPLOSION, Gear everywhere. I really didn’t know my crying at my desk of Everything Recording HQ was that loud that they all heard it and took pity on my poor soul an….

C’s Mom: Pssst Bryan, no one heard you crying except my daughter when you called her whining about not having anything to post so I delivered flaming bags of dog crap to all of the other recording sites and then went and gave the executives of all of the gear companies a nice stiletto heel to the butt crack and told them to get their act together. Funny enough, before I did that, I accidentally stepped in one of the “care packages” for the websites. I think that was the icing on the cake to get them up and running today. You’re welcome.

Well there you have it folks. I have people that can “get things done.” ……..
…… Hey look at this thing! More iPad stuff Christmas Ideas!!!!!

The NSP Breakout is a handmade, highly functional, professional audio interface for the iPad, and iPhone that connects through the headphone jack.
It literally breaks out of the iPhone’s headphone jack, so you can use all your favorite recording, signal processing and sampling apps. It’s mono design fits in perfectly with effects pedals and amplifiers.
The internal circuitry solves all signal, feedback and detection issues you may have sending guitar and line signals in and out of the iPhone and iPad, and allows for a plethora of uses, on stage, in the field, and at home, with guitars, mics, amps, PAs, etc.
The NSP is made with the highest quality components so that you can achieve optimum sound when recording or performing using your iPad or iPhone.
The BreakOut is designed to support the open source nature of apps and work with all sound apps. Within 25 minutes, and for less than $25 on iTunes, you can have a multi fx, pitch shifting, an 808 drum machine, auto-tune, and a visual grid sampler multi effects on you wherever you go.  And using the same device in all applications, allows you to fold your field recordings into your live show, and your melodies into your public art demonstrations.
The NSP BreakOut functions as an interface but is designed like an effects pedal with a true bypass switch to allow you to integrate your phone into your signal chain .  The size and components are sturdy enough for your tabletop setup and lightweight enough for your field recording jaunts.

The NSP is available for $115 and can be bought HERE
For more information Click HERE