Its Here! Its HERE!! Neyrinck V-Control For iPad

NOTICE the timestamp on this post. Its 12:36AM November 16, 2010 and I’ve posted this. Go check when all the others did… yea… that’s what I thought. WHO LOVES YA BABY
I posted about this when it premiered at AES and this could possibly be the best app for anyone who uses Pro Tools for an iPad. This allows you to control Pro Tools on your iPad remotely through wireless.
I have to be honest with you on this one… I’ve been sitting outside what I thought was the company’s headquarters waiting for the software to come out since I first heard about this. I’m just glad you’re not around me right now because I smell like death. I figured all of those socially challenged kids sit outside Gamestop for days for Call of Duty so I would do the same for some software that has some USE in EVERYDAY LIFE.

Professional Multi-Touch Control for Pro Tools
SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Nov 16, 2010 – Neyrinck ( is pleased to introduce two new iPad apps, V-Control and V-Control Pro, which are multi-touch controllers for Pro Tools. V-Control and V-Control Pro provide access to transport, editing, and mixing functions of any Pro Tools system connected to a Wi-Fi network. V-Control provides core features for portable, mouse-free recording and mixing while V-Control Pro provides fully-featured, professional control comparable to expensive hardware control surfaces. Both apps utilize the iPad surface and the iOS operating system to provide innovative features such as a big counter overlay, swipe gesturing to bank channels, and a popover plug-in editor. In tandem with an iPad, V-Control and V-Control Pro’s portability, small footprint, and ease-of-use provide a powerful addition for any Pro Tools user.
Requirements and Availability
V-Control and V-Control Pro require an iPad running iOS 3.2 or later and are compatible with Pro Tools 7.0 and later on Mac OS X and soon on Windows systems. The Pro Tools system must be connected to local area network with a WiFi access point. The Pro Tools system must be running the free Ney-Fi utility available for download at V-Control and V-Control Pro are sold through the Apple App Store in the iPad.
About Neyrinck
Neyrinck was founded in 2005 by Paul Neyrinck with the creation of SoundCode For Dolby Digital, the first plug-in featuring Neyrinck’s innovative integration of surround encoding and decoding into Pro Tools. Paul Neyrinck has designed many legendary audio products since 1988 for Orban, Digidesign, Focusrite, and Trillium Lane. Neyrinck products are marketed in more than 40 countries worldwide through a distribution network of value-added dealers and distributors.

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Wait a minute. I’ve been sitting out here in front of what I thought was Neyrinck’s headqua….
What? This is a Kinkos? ………..
Its available at the iTunes store?
…………… I wonder if my boss will take me back… I haven’t been to work in two weeks.