Kick Port Expands With D-Port

Chill out my illegal alien readers, not THAT kind of D-port. This is a port that you can use on your toms and snare that works like the sound hole on a kick to get more projection and tone.

Based on the same acoustic principles that have made the KickPort one of the world’s most popular drum accessories, D-Ports are one, two and three-inch, double-flared extrusions made from a soft, pliable, composite material that enhance the sound of snare drums and tom-toms. D-Ports are removable and reusable and can be quickly and easily installed in virtually any drum by cutting a small circular vent in the drumhead and mounting the port using a double-sided, adhesive D-Port ring. This procedure, in conjunction with the D-Port’s unique design, vents the drums to create a deeper, fatter, more balanced sound with increased clarity and articulation.
“Everyone knows what an incredible sound is created due to the relationship between the heads of a double-headed drum,” explains KickPort’s inventor Sam Millender. “But up to now, what happens inside the drum has stayed inside the drum. The KickPort showed us how much better bass drums perform when we let the sound that’s inside out, and that inspired us to begin experimenting with porting other drums. What we learned is that the same rule applies.”
“Just venting a drum won’t achieve the level of sound enhancement the D-Port offers,” KickPort President Jesse Bradman adds. “After extensive research we developed the D-Port’s proprietary materials and double-flare design to fully compliment and optimize the natural acoustics of a two-headed drum. Because D-Port lets the sound out, drummers, sound engineers and the audience can now hear all the sound that every drum produces.”
D-Ports are available in a choice of black and white and come individually and in convenient drumset pre-packs that include one 1″ port, two 2″ ports and one 3″ port with graduated mounting/reinforcement rings that can also be used as hole-cutting templates. Additional D-Port Rings are available as after-market accessories.

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