Kush Audio Tweaker

FINALLY… A company sends me a hardware posting. Usually it’s all software and I get it… software is easier to make and produce but C’mon companies, I dare you to send me some more hardware posts. I doubt any of them could come close to this little ditty right here though. Kush Audio makes great software (Pusher review HERE) but there’s something about physical knobs that just feel better than clicking and dragging. These guys have created a new compressor called “Tweaker.” Apparently you can have your compressor cake and eat it too!

Tweaker is an old soul with a post-modern brain. Its vintage, discrete VCA and bespoke detector are married to envelope-pushing controls that allow this box to be whatever you want it to be — smooth & polished or dark & filthy, subtle & delicate or fierce & explosive. 

To reach those heights, Tweaker expands the range and function of its traditional compressor controls, then breaks new ground with a radical and innovative ‘Sidechain Shaper’ section which allows you to select and shape what the compressor ‘sees’ and therefore how it responds—from simple HPFs to complex and flexible multi-shelving filters. This box creates a wider array of effects than any other compressor ever made; if you can envision it, Tweaker can deliver it.

Tweaker sports eight hi-torque, twenty-one step pots for precision matching and recall. UBK leveraged this design to give you his ‘analog presets’, which precisely emulate his favorite tricks from compressors as varied as the LA-2a, Distressor, API 2500, and even the absurdly eccentric Valley People Dynamite*.

With simultaneous Tri-Metering of Input, Output, and Gain Reduction levels, Single- or Dual-Stage Release, Wet/Dry mixing, and a unique Curve control that sharpens the knee as the ratio is increased, Tweaker is the new king of swiss army compressors and embodies another modern classic from Kush

Price: Not Sure Yet

For more info visit http://www.thehouseofkush.com/#!the-ubk-tweaker/cwy7