Monte Montgomery Takes Us To A…

A place where it’s not Valentine’s Day and you’re not either forced to buy whatever trollop you’re dating some stupid symbol of your love, or you’re crying yourself to sleep because you’re nearing 30 with no prospects or even someone remotely interested and your mom keeps putting comments on your page reminding you that “single in your 20’s is cute but single in thirties is sad.” Wow that was a long sentence. Either way, sit back and relax and blast an acoustic “Little Wing” and forget about all of that and realize you should probably put your guitar on ebay now because we’ve all just been schooled.

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From the age of eight, using my cheap Yamaha PSR-500 keyboard's 4 track limited recorder, I became fascinated with tracking audio. This quickly was sent into overdrive when my dad bought an Alesis ADAT. The rest was history. Many years later and too much money spent, I decided to use this fascination to help others. Thus, Everything Recording was born.