SE Electronics Egg

I don’t really know much about SE Electronics other than they make accessories that make home recording easier and oval shaped monitors are nothing new. Tannoy has a set of them and they seem to get very high acclaim. This brand has me wondering if they’re any good. Sure they’re a little different than the Tannoys by being completely round but I honestly think this is going to end up being an overpriced gimmick, but we shall see.

The Egg is a radically different concept in loudspeaker design. Although it has been known for many years that cabinet resonances and diffraction are the main causes of coloration in sound radiation, few manufacturers have been willing to address the difficulty of forming a rigid acoustic enclosure of such complex geometry. By removing step changes in radiation impedance and virtually all internal vibration modes, the Egg has no spectral distortion other than the drivers themselves. These have been chosen for the best possible performance in their class and exhaustive testing has proved their reliability and accuracy.
The result is a stunningly accurate and truthful monitor speaker that is genuinely unique in both looks and accuracy, regardless of price comparison with much more expensive products.
Electronically the Egg is equally impressive with true bi-amplification with linear power supply and full protection against overload and short circuits. The lack of distortion in high level transients and the uncompressed acoustic power will be a revelation to those used to typical small, active monitors.
The crossovers are fully active and have been digitally modelled and matched to give near perfect phase and transient response. The result is a fast acting speaker that further enhances the impression of absolute accuracy.
This means the sound can be unforgiving. Bad mixes will sound embarrassing and that won’t please everyone but those who want the truth will find it here.

Since there’s only a prototype available, and this could be anywhere on the map price wise so your guess is as good as mine.
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