New Segment: C Demands Answers

I figured since we were getting to know C so much on this site I would let her have her add the female touch  to this sausage festival of a site. STOP STARING GUYS. Its very impolite and you’re gonna scare her off. So basically what we’re going to do here is I’m going to let her ask questions about anything she wants as long as it has to do with either how great I am or recording. For some crazy reason beyond me, she picked recording questions. The thought process behind this is to introduce a chick into the equation to a.) keep the people who already know a great deal about recording occupied and thinking its cute that a girl want to know about something they’re interested and b.) a front to answer all of the questions that the newcomers want to ask but don’t want to be laughed at. See what an attractive girl can do other than just be eye candy? Ok so I’m going to give C the floor now to ask questions

First off Bryan you told them WHAT about me?!! Ohhh Hey guys! Bryan offered to pay me I volunteered to do this because I think guys who are into recording are extremely hot (did I read that right Bryan?) and all of my friends agree when we’re having slumber parties and pillow figh….(I’m not saying that Bryan… This is very demeaning to women and…. SWEET 20$) uhh pillow fights that we want to know more about all of this so we can have great pillow talk with you once we start dating. (Bryan… I didn’t agree to go on a date with anyone) So my first question is, “What is the number one piece of advice can you give beginners?

Ok great question. My biggest advice to beginners would be, “Try not to get too caught up in the quality of your mix at first.” You can worry about the mix down the road. At first, concentrate more on learning how to track with your respective instrument. Recording is quite a bit different than most live playing situations in that you have a metronome clicking away at you and you have to stay synced up with it. For some people that can be tougher than learning how to use the equipment. So before you become enveloped in the world of filter bank EQ’s and Limiters, make sure what you’re going to mix is of a good enough quality to mix in the first place. Sure you can cut and paste parts over and correct the pitch with software but that usually makes the song sound all pieced together and broken up and you want that flow in a song. Remember this: The better you track it, the less you will have to do on the back end. Its never good to try to replace good musical talent with overly done editing techniques and shoddy playing. When recording your own work, you’ll always want to be a slightly better musician than audio engineer.
Alright guys, I hope you enjoyed that because it set me back $20.00 but in the grand scheme of things, yall are quasi worth it.