Mmmm Synthy – iPhone, iPod Touch App

Would you like to be the next Owl City? Me neither but for the remaining few who are ashamed to admit it and own an iPhone or iTouch, here’s a product for you AND ITS FREE. Simply go to the iTunes App store, search “Synthy,” download it, and the next thing you know you’re making mediocre pop music for teenage girls. Plus, because it’s so portable, you can hide your shame and use it while you’re taking a dump.. GROSS!!

There could be many reasons for someone to need a keyboard or synth at a certain moment, and with Synthy, you can have one on your iPhone, in your pocket! With its amazing compatibility and customizable features it’s not hard for someone to fall in love with Synthy. Over 5 pages of customizable features gives the user a perfect opportunity to create the perfect sound they are looking for.
Go ahead, be an artist and create your own songs right in the palm of your hand. Easily record your own work and save it on your device! With an unlimited amount of time for recording there is no limit to what you can record!
Features include:
– Playback your music, or Save it on your device, and then download it to your desktop or laptop computer with the built-in “download” feature!
-2 oscillators with ?oscillator frequency fine tune
-variable glide rates
-?modulation amount and lfo rate
-volume envelope generators for – attack, sustain, release,  delay
-frequency filter cut offs
-resonance?filter envelope generators for – attack, sustain, release, delay
-adjustable arpeggio with variable octaves and step mode
Works on iPhone and iTouch OS 3.0 or greater.

I even went and downloaded it to try it out (now I’m a hypocrite) and even used the record and upload to a computer feature. THIS ONES FOR YOU JOEY JOE JOE JAMESON!!!
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First person to guess thesong wins….uhh….a date with C! (termsandrestrictionsapplyconditionsbeingthatyoumakeatleast80,000$peryearandcanbackthat