HELP: My Pro Tools 9 Won't Work On My Mbox OR 003

If you’ve been using a Mac with any of the Digidesign / Avid hardware and upgraded to Pro Tools 9, you might notice something. Your hardware doesn’t show up in the peripherals anymore. Don’t freak out, this is going to happen.
This is a simple fix: Drivers
Because Pro Tools 9 works on all interfaces now, they didn’t want to have to put every driver for every company in the software. So now all you have to do is go to Avid’s Site (link HERE) and download your respective driver for the piece of Avid hardware you’re using. NOTE: The Pro Tools 9 software runs off of the 2nd generation Mbox2 drivers which basically means in the first generation Mbox will not work (that I know of.) This also goes for any third party interfaces as well, except you will have to go to the manufacturer website for the piece of hardware in use.
This is sort of lazy on Avid’s part mainly because they manufactured the interface yet make you download the drivers manually when, in the past, it came built into the program. It could have been as easy as putting it into Pro Tools 9. This is a scary new trend for this great company, but in comparison to the leaps and bounds Avid has made with allowing Pro Tools 9 on any interface, it doesn’t seem all that bad, but I’ve got my eye on you Avid.
For the whole run down on almost any possible situation you can come across with a Pro Tools 9 installation aside from actually trying to procreate with it (which I pray none of you are even thinking about how to even do that) click HERE