JZ Mics Introduce JZ|DMK1 Drum Mics

The recent trend with mic companies (ie: Blue, Earthworks, and JZMics) is making smaller mic kits that cater to the Led Zeppelin “Glyn Johns” setup. This setup is perfect for studios with limited pre-amps / budget because it only requires 3 mics for the setups. I’ll do a “how-to” on this one very soon but for now lets look at the JZ DMK1 Mic Kit.

A general purpose of the JZ DMK1 is to use the mics for drum overheads and the kick drum both live and in the recording studio environment.
JZ drum mic kit consists of three JZ BT201 small diaphragm condenser microphones: a matched pair with open cardioid capsules for overheads and a single mic with -20dB open cardioid capsule for kick drum.  The kit also includes JZ mic clips for all 3 mics and everything comes in a rigid carrying case so it is easy and safe to take the kit with you wherever you are going to record.

JZ DMK1 is shipping now and available at JZ Microphones online store for a special introducing price 1000 USD until 5th of December 2010. To buy click HERE