Power FX Grants FULL Access to Sound Library

I knew it was only a matter of time before the music industry would be taking advantage of cloud based services. This is something I can get behind. You can either get The Pro Sound Effects membership ($149) or The Pro Loops and Samples ($199). Give this some serious thought… Do you want to hop from computer to laptop trying to stalk samples down you THOUGHT you had organized OR even use a clunky external hard drive taking up your few USB ports you have left from all of those USB licenses you have? Of course not. So free yourself from the cables and get in the cloud. This service is roughly 11-15$ a month. That’s nothing for the power to access over 20,000 samples that are so good, even Reason has used some in their software. Have you heard Reason 6’s new drums? They’re AMAZING.

Now you can have access to the PowerFX individual sound library! With either a Pro Sound Effects Account or Pro Loops & Samples Account, you will have instant access to over 20,000 sounds in a searchable, online database. No worries about storing, saving and organizing sounds, it´s already done! The massive PowerFX sound database is available from wherever and whenever you need it, just login, search, download and get producing.
“I think producers and sound users who work in different places or have multiple work station setups will really appreciate this service”, states Bil Bryant CEO of PowerFX.  “For sound users today, it´s not about owning, it´s about having access and simple license to use just what you need, when you need it.”
PowerFX has been a leading producer and distributor of award winning sound libraries for over 10 years and has licensed sounds found in DAW´s Logic, Garageband, Cubase, SONAR and REASON. The Loops & Samples individual sound library includes many sounds from their own unique titles, like Downtown Strings, Drummers of Motown, World Loop Spice Rack, and the sound effects library that includes the historical sound archives from National Swedish Television (SVT).

The Pro Loops & Samples Account is $199 a year and the Pro Sound Effects Account is $149 a year. For more information on the Full Access accounts click HERE