Site News: What's Been the Deal?

I know the site has been very baron with new content lately. It definitely has been pretty quiet around here. Just rest assured I’m not going anywhere or abandoning you. I’ve been working on a few format changes as well as getting a few other contributors to add their spin on all things audio. I just don’t want this site to ever become one of those sites full of press release after press release of stuff no one really cares about. I try to only post things that have substance and use in recording, but it’s tough having to comb the internet for new gear and hold down a full time job. We all can tell I do not put advertizing up so the posts get all the attention they possibly can. I want the manufacturers to get their chance to shine, not what websites you’ve recently browsed flashing around the borders. This is by no means an avenue of income for me. I just do this because I love the industry. I just wish I could get more companies on board to send in information on new products we would like. So let me know what YOU want to see on here and I will be more than happy to do whatever I can to get that up here.