Slate VMS ML-2 Modeling Microphone

Slate was one of the first to release the large diaphragm condenser microphone that can mimic many of the classic mics most of us can’t afford. Now the ML-2 has been released that caters to the small diaphragm classics like the 421, SM57, and RE20.

We’re proud to announce the release of the VMS ML-2 modeling microphone. The ML-2 offers a locker full of the industry’s top instrument mics including dynamics like the 57 and 421, cardioid models of classic ribbons like the 121, small diaphragm mics like the 451 and 222, and even large diaphragm mics like the 414 and tube 67.

And now we’re introducing a way for you to experience the Slate Virtual Recording Studio including our microphone models.

Click below to go to the VRS Experience page where you can download all the Slate plugins including demos of our VMS microphone plugins, as well as a multitrack session recorded with VMS mics through our upcoming VRS8 interface.


Price: $149

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