There’s basically NO other way to say it. This may be EverythingRecording’s best new piece of gear for 2013. I have been using some very interesting techniques to dampen the top head of a snare, one of them involving fire but we won’t get too much into that right now. Needless to say the wife did not like the candle wax all over the living room wall. The drum track sounded pretty good though with a few instances of me holding back screams of agony due to the hot wax splashing on my forearm. And YES the candle had to be lit.. I was playing a ballad.
Either way I was browsing a very informative Facebook group I am a member on and stumbled across someone using this so called “Snareweight.” Instantly I realized I have to own one of these for both my marriage and sanity’s sake. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried placing things on the snare to dampen it a bit only to have it flying around the head of the snare. P.S. a fun thing to use is a Dwight Schrute Bobble head because he gets into the groove pretty easy but alas ends up moshing during the heavier tracks. This one will not dance and will stay right in its place and can adjust the sound with inserts. I’m going to buy one right now!

Snareweight is a new piece of drum hardware that eliminates unwanted ring and adds mass instantly….without changing your head or hoop when shaping your sound.  Under the hood it accepts a leather dampening insert that is reversible for a variety of sounds especially when moving the Snareweight around the rim of your drum.
It will never tire.  It’s simple and easy to use: made of a chunk of brass (3/4lb), a N52 neodymium magnet, and detachable leather insert.  Works with both metal and die cast (alloy) rims.  Once the main brass body is purchased, you can change your sound via the detachable inserts that come in a variety of styles to match your favorite head.   It includes the solid brass body, a standard genuine leather insert, a nylon tip thumb screw (as a backup) and a nifty case.
Add depth and get that punchy studio drum sound while upgrading your snare to a new level.  Snareweight is…. the fastest way to get your snare drum sounding it’s best.
–       New piece of drummer hardware
–       Detachable mass soaks up the ring and adds punch but keeps the high end
–       Choose a side of the removable leather insert like a treble setting on an amp
–       Slide it  like a dial to quickly hone in to your tone
–       Buy different inserts to match your favorite head
–       Weighted and painstakingly balanced to make the right drum head contact
–       Insert attaches to global magnet as well as the hoop of your drum

Snareweights are designed and built in its home of South San Francsico.  Model 002 carries a suggested street price of 44.99.
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