Subscriber Of The Month: Madbull Studios

I’m big on helping other people get their product out. Its part of the reason I started this site. Now I’m going to use it in a different area… You… the readers. Throw a comment on a post. Let me know you’re reading. Add my Facebook Page. Basically just show some sort of love and I’ll return the favor by helping you get your work out there. Our first subscriber of the month is Madbull studios. He found this site through sheer dedication and I bet through wading through thousands of pages looking for reviews on FXpansions Geist Plug-in. And from what I hear on his Soundclick page, its definitely paid off. The beats sound great and the Geist mixes are crisp with plenty of low end. This is the type of stuff they should put on their page to show this program off at it’s potential. To view all of MadBull Studios’ work (and I’d keep checking back for new beats with Geist) check out his page.
Madbull Studios
Once again, if you’re interested in having your music plugged on the site, all you need to do is let me know one way or another.
Also, you like what he did with Geist and own an iPhone or an iPad? Go check out this program here. I’ve been playing on it all weekend and I can’t put it down. For $10 bucks you can’t beat it.